Household tools and instruments without the price tag.

Take DIY to the next level with this collection of items no one expects to find at a library.

  • Finally test that GoPro to get a bird’s eye view of your kids’ and your pet’s adventures
  • Use home care and yard equipment without the hassle of maintenance or storage
  • Get creative with musical instruments and photography equipment


Can I pick up an item from any library?

Items in the Library of Things are kept at two of our library locations — Arcade and Fair Oaks Libraries. When you check out an item from one library you must return it to the same library.

How long can I borrow an item from the Library of Things?

You can borrow an item for one week and can renew it up to ten times.

Can anyone check out an object from the Library of Things?

Anyone who has a Library card (owing less than $5 in fees), is over 18 years old and can provide a valid government ID. View the lending guidelines and lending agreement. You’ll be asked to digitally sign both before checking out.